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The history of a cleaning and personal care company

Industrial La Fama, with a trajectory of more than a century, is a personal care and chemical manufacturing company, which has been positioned during its years of operation for high quality products. INFASA, as it is usually called, is part of the group Cantabia, which consists of industrial and service companies in Mexico.

The history of INFASA begins at the end of the 19th century in the beautiful city of Morelia. Quarry pink city is located southeast of México and is well known for its baroque-style architecture and international cultural festivals.

Zeferino Espinoza started a small company that produces only home-made laundry soap. The company, called » Jabonera La Fama» at the time, was born out of the necessity of cleaning products in the region.

Because of the success of their high-quality products, they were acquired in 1943 by the current stockholders, and the company was renamed to Industrial La Fama, as we know it today.

The company continued to slowly grow until the 2000s, when it ventured into the manufacture of glycerine and soap. This was a time of exponential growth and expansion for INFASA, which became one of the first companies at the national level in the manufacture of cleaning products.

The company has three strategic pillars: one of them is our operational experience; we have a highly skilled team capable of providing tailored-fit solutions to our clients, the second one is high quality standards; our team has the experience and processes needed to ensure quality standards of raw materials and finished goods by keeping rigorous process control, and the last one is our client focus perspective; we aim to create strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Therefore, we always act with a sense of urgency on all the requests we receive.

We have two main markets: chemical market and personal care market. About our soap and laundry manufacturing line in the personal care market. We work with our customers to provide the best product adapted to their needs.  Colour, weight, formulation, and packaging are all aspects of soap product development. We keep in touch with our clients every time. We can also create innovative formulas for protecting the environment with no plastic, biodegradable and palm oil-certified products.

Our Research and Development department plays a vital role in this process, maintaining the standards of quality that distinguished us from the beginning. The company has national and international certifications such as RSPO and ISO. We believe in only sourcing products made with ethically raw materials.

Glycerine is one of our top-selling products in the chemical market. Because of its hydrating, antibacterial, emollient, and calming properties, this chemical is ideal for the manufacture of medication, personal care products, automotive lubricants, paints, dust control, and so on. To guarantee national and international supply, INFASA has recently opened a glycerine plant, which is one of the biggest plants in Mexico.

The last product to be added to our product catalogue is palm fatty acid distillate, which is a byproduct of refining crude. This is used to produce candles, soaps, other oleo chemical products, and animal feed.

Fama is proud to always be at the forefront in the use of the most advanced technologies, from the conception to the final elaboration of our products, which places us as one of the most important industries in the Mexican Republic and in Latin America. With high-quality standards and continuous technological development, our company actively participates in the national and international markets.

Today, we can say that more than a century of work and service to our customers supports our prestige and our philosophy of offering consumers high-quality products at the lowest possible price.

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