buononaturale joins Retail SBG Purchasing Center

buononaturale Reinvents Italian Specialty Food to Make Healthy and Sustainable

Retail SBG (supermarket purchasing center), welcomes buononaturale and its line of products, from Italy.

Eating More Palatable

buononaturale was born along the Southern Italian Apennines, on the fertile soil of Irpinia overlooking the
two seas, as an incubator of excellence in the Italian food sector, with each production site located in its
place of origin — or in the areas of rural Italy where that specific food culture is typical — and distributed
to the world under the buononaturale brand. The mission is to fulfil the growing demand for natural food in
the name of a diet that preserve, or even favor, different types of equilibria: sensorial, bodily,

The buononaturale products aim to promote sustainable eating styles that satisfy our constant need for
energy to navigate a stressful daily life, but also respect and support the surrounding environment and
local communities, by offering a combination of goodness, ease of preparation, authenticity, and
sustainability. All this is possible when reinterpreting typical dishes of Italian cuisine. The buononaturale
focus can therefore be summed up as wellbeing achieved by eating well, with
#eatwellwithbuononaturale as the brand’s distinctive hashtag on social networks.

With every bite, the buononaturale products will take consumers on a journey through the Italian
peninsula, from the foothills of the mighty Mount Etna through the scenic countryside along the
Apennines to the rice fields of the Po valley, of which they encapsulate all the rich smells and flavors.

The buononaturale products are synonymous with high quality not only because of the semi-artisanal and
traditional processes employed to obtain them, but also because of the underlying ingredients sourced
locally within the area of production. Thus, we formulate production choices that address the widespread
desire for a diet that is both healthy and inspired by the lively colors and dense flavors of the wholesome,
balanced Italian rural life.

Among these production choices we often find: the organic origin of the
ingredients; the exclusion of genetically modified organisms, chemical treatments, or additives from the
transformation process; the choice of glass packaging to facilitate a first, sensorial approach to the
products and to encourage reuse before recycling.

The buononaturale range includes many of the Italian food specialties that the modern consumer needs
based on their mood of the day.

The innovation underlying the buononaturale brand is expressed on various levels: business decisions, from production to packaging, aimed at preserving the naturalness of the base ingredients (see, for example, how the buononaturale legumes are just boiled and packaged in glass jars); the original reformulation of classic Italian recipes, in such a way as to anticipate the modern consumer’s expectations by offering them an excellent historical dish that is, however, easy to recreate in a few minutes or without ingredients of animal origin (take, for example, the buononaturale
ready-to-cook meals and vegan sauces – with the latter among the finalists of the “Innovation” category at the Better Future Award 2021 organized by the TUTTOFOOD Milan organizers, see
https://www.tuttofood.it/en/better-future-award/premio-innovazione/buononaturale.html, and the Gold winner of the “Excellent Taste” category at the Mediterranean Taste Awards 2022 held in London, U.K., see https://medtastestars.com/gold/); the promotion of Italian know-how, preserving the craftsmanship behind the most distinctive parts of certain production processes (see, for example, the bronze wire-drawing of the buononaturale pasta).

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This complex mission translates into two main product lines, organic and traditional. The buononaturale
ORGANIC line includes vegetable preserves, sauces and gravies, rice and ready-to-cook meals made
from rice, semolina, or specialty cereal. The buononaturale TRADITIONAL line includes semi-artisanally
crafted specialties such as dried fruit pestos and spread creams, truffle specialties, pasta, gelati-sorbetti
and soft Apulian focacce.
Together with Retail SBG Purchasing Center, We are looking to bring the advantages of this healthy, wholesome, and 100%
Italian eating lifestyle on the tables of families worldwide.

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