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From Honduras to the world: QUIMICAS HANDAL DE C.A.

Handal Chemicals is a company with 53 years in the market dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of products for home and personal care, providing satisfaction to its customers.
Since 1968, Químicas Handal began with the pharmaceutical products of Rayo and Rasquisan. In 1969, Honduras withdrew from the Central American Common Market. In this context, the company identifies the shoe polish line as its key product. Similarly, they focused on the development of their own brands with which they launched their own line of bitumen products called Diamond. This brand achieved significant acceptance by the market, a factor that strengthened the company within the local market.
For the year 1975, it begins with the manufacture of tinplate containers for bitumen and sheet printing, this caused the company to become the best productively integrated for this line of products in Central America and the Caribbean. During the 1980s, they gave way to their exports to the Central American region, having a greater scope and positioning themselves as a leading company in their field. In the mid-1980s, the first license agreement was signed with the number one brand in shoe care to manufacture and market its products for the entire Central American region. Consequently, for the year 2003, the Sara Lee Corporation designated them the award for Supplier of the Year. In 2004 the government of the Republic of Honduras awarded the «Presidential Exporter Award» to the company. Throughout 2006, Químicas Handal achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification, strengthening its leadership in the region and raising basic elements such as quality and presentation.

Currently, it works with the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, providing the highest quality standards to its clients. Over time, Químicas Handal has evolved and recognizes that the key to success for a good business is human resources, therefore, they are aware of the responsibility that comes with facing a market of more than 54 countries through which the company is distinguished. quality work done by Hondurans.

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Today, Químicas Handal has a wide variety of product categories in its catalog in addition to the Diamond brand, such as: Ozone (antibacterial gel and spray), Rayo (Topical products for muscle aches and colds), Wizpod (Multipurpose cleaners and liquid and spray disinfectants), Caviani (Flavoured liquid hand soap), Medinova (Surgical masks and KN95). The company focuses on the objectives of innovation, Customer Service, Delivery Times and High Quality Standards to give our customers the best possible experience.

It is important to note that in addition to having its own brands, Químicas Handal also has a third-party manufacturing business model. Containers are developed without limitations of sizes or shapes. Applying materials that adapt to achieve various proportions and technologies that ensure reliability in their preparation. Similarly, we offer plastic containers that meet customer requirements, we have packaging and filling, as well as design and production of high quality pharmaceutical products. With the Pharmaceutical Engineering team we are able to carry out designs, production planning, cost estimation, innovation in new products and development of processes and formulations.

Químicas Handal has international experience in product development, with highly knowledgeable professionals in charge of developing or improving a specific product, adapting the components and adjusting them to current legislation, always seeking the highest degree of effectiveness and quality. The process begins from the generation of the idea, selection, concept and product development to marketing.
Being members of the Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce (HRCOC) and being part of the RetailSBG Purchasing Center, Químicas Handal hopes to export its products to new potential markets and have a greater reach with its brands.

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