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Coca-Cola Debuts New Permanent Flavor

For the first time in more than three years, Coca-Cola is rolling out a new permanent offering to its portfolio of iconic products in North America: Coca-Cola Spiced. The new flavor, which comes in full-sugar and zero-sugar versions, combines the beloved taste of Coca-Cola with refreshing raspberry notes and warm spiced flavors. Coca-Cola unveiled the beverage during a Feb. 6 Real Magic Uncapped interactive event in New York City at Edge, which is billed as the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

In a brief panel session moderated by podcaster and chef Mya Allen, company executives spoke about a number of exciting developments at Coca-Cola, including the transition of its 20-ounce bottles to 100% rPET (excluding cap and label), which is recycled and recyclable; the Feb. 7 rollout of a new global campaign for the company’s biggest growth driver, Coke Zero, called “Best Coke Ever?” and featuring tech-enabled music and messaging from the beverage itself; the importance of Gen Z to its marketing strategy; and an upcoming immersive experience in New York City and other cities in support of a forthcoming global campaign. Also during the session, Sue Lynn Cha, VP marketing, Coca-Cola North America, aptly described the company’s latest permanent beverage as “Coca-Cola with a twist.”

The packaging design for Coca-Cola Spiced and Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar aligns with the overall visual identity of Coca-Cola and its Zero Sugar varieties. Coca-Cola Spiced retains the classic Coke red, supplemented by a sleek swirl incorporating raspberry-inspired colors. Both varieties are identified by a bold, dominant script to emphasize their place in the Coca-Cola family– white for full sugar and black for zero sugar.

Arriving at stores on Feb. 19, Coca-Cola Spiced will be available in a 12-ounce sleek can, a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans, a 10-pack of mini cans, a 20-ounce bottle, a 6-pack of 0.5-liter bottles and a 2-liter bottle, while Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar will come in a 12-ounce sleek can, a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles at most national retailers. According to a company spokeswoman, “Coca-Cola Spiced will be priced similarly to other Coca-Cola products and will vary [by] location/retailer.”

Coca-Cola Happy Tears Hype Kit With Cans Main Image

Coca-Cola Happy Tears is Coca-Cola Creations’ first limited-edition release to celebrate acts of kindness, as well as the first to be packaged in a hype kit available exclusively via TikTok.

Additionally, after capturing the tastes of such intangibles as Starlight and Dreamworld in previous releases, Coca-Cola Creations, has released its first limited-edition release to celebrate acts of kindness, as well as the first to be packaged in a hype kit available exclusively via TikTok in the United States and the United Kingdom, for $9.99 while supplies last. Coca-Cola Happy Tears will launch on Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb. 17).

The striking can design is embossed with an iridescent teardrop, paired with various items to capture the essence of happy tears. These include “Happy Tears” stickers, kindness-themed apparel and even customized tissues. The flavor featuring the taste of Coca-Cola coupled with a splash of salty minerals to evoke tears of joy.

To mark Random Acts of Kindness Day, Coca-Cola is encouraging fans to give a hype kit featuring two 355-milliliter (12-fluid-ounce) cans to a friend so they can share a joyful moment together. Fans can also share their “drops of joy” experience through a unique new TikTok effect to help create moments of kindness. The effect prompts a random act of kindness to other fans and those around them.

“Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar is our newest Creation that embraces the power of kindness, it is also the first-ever to be sold in a hype kit exclusively available on TikTok,” noted Oana Vlad, senior director, global strategy at The Coca-Cola Co., which is based in Atlanta. “Similar to previous Coca-Cola Creations, we have developed a unique, unexpected flavor – inspired by what happy tears might taste like – in addition to creating an innovative digital experience inspired by kindness. We can’t wait to see the small acts of kindness our new drop inspires in the world.”

The campaign was developed by Forpeople, Influential, Virtue and WPP Open X/Ogilvy PR.

Since it launched in 2022, Coca-Cola Creations has employed the iconic Coca-Cola brand to create new experiences driven by collaboration, creativity and cultural connections. Through limited-edition products, the division has introduced innovative flavors, designs and experiences by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, working with artists and designers, and bring about experiences across the digital and physical realms.


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