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Aurora Grocery Group Announces Leadership Transition

Aurora Grocery Group Announces Leadership Transition

Charlotte, NC, May 9th, 2024

Aurora Grocery Group (AGG), a leading supermarket and grocery store chain, is excited to
announce the appointment of Franky Jorge as the new Chairman of the Board. Franky Jorge
succeeds his brother, Omar Jorge, who served as Chairman for the past 12 years and will continue
to serve on the Board of Directors.

Omar Jorge shared his thoughts on the leadership transition:

«After 12 years as the Chairman of Aurora Grocery Group, I’m very proud to pass the baton to
our new Chairman, my brother, Franky Jorge! From the founding of AGG, I told my family
members that I did not see the position of Chairman as a permanent position but as one that
would be passed through different family members so that all of us could bring our energy,
talents, and new ideas for the benefit of all our stores.
I’m very excited about the growth that we will see under Franky’s leadership and look forward to
continuing to serve on the Board of Directors and as an AGG member. Thank you to each of my
family members who placed their trust in me to lead our Group over the last 12 years! Thank you
to all our partners in the grocery, finance, real estate, technology, and other industries that have
worked with AGG to provide a better supermarket experience to our customers and employees.
I hope we’re able to continue those valuable partnerships with our new leadership.»

Franky Jorge, the newly appointed Chairman, expressed his gratitude and commitment to AGG’s future:

«I am deeply honored to take on the role of Chairman at Aurora Grocery Group. My brother’s
leadership has laid a strong foundation, and I look forward to building upon his legacy. I’m fully
committed to leading AGG with the same dedication, integrity, and vision that has guided us since
our founding. I’ll be working closely with our CEO Julio Ibanez, Vice President Edwin Gutierrez,
and the rest of the Board to ensure that AGG continues to flourish.
I am grateful that Omar will continue to serve on the Board of Directors and remain an active
member of the AGG family. His guidance will be invaluable as we strive to grow and evolve in the
years to come. To our partners in the grocery, finance, real estate, technology, and other
industries: I deeply value the relationships you’ve built with AGG and look forward to continuing our successful collaborations.»

AGG remains committed to providing innovative and customer-centric supermarket experiences
across its network of 40 stores on the East Coast. With Franky Jorge at the helm, the company is
poised for continued growth and success in the grocery industry.

About Aurora Grocery Group
Aurora Grocery Group (AGG) is a family-owned supermarket and grocery chain committed to
delivering quality products and exceptional customer service. Founded on the principles of family
values and innovation, AGG operates 40 stores across the East Coast and employs thousands of
local people. With a diverse selection of products and a strong focus on customer satisfaction,
AGG has become a trusted name in the grocery industry.

New AGG Board Team:

Franky Jorge: President
Jenny Jorge: Secretary General
Omar Jorge: Director
Ismael Pena: Director
Christian Gutiérrez: Member
Alvin Diaz: Member
Edwin Gutierrez: Vice President
Jacinto Pena: Treasurer
Alexis Pena: Director
Nancy Pena: Member
Frank Pena: Member

Executive Team:

Julio Ibanez: CEO
Evelyn Pena: Executive Controller

For more information, contact:

Franky S. Jorge President – Aurora Grocery Group

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