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The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce signed with the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry – CANACINTRA Mexico an Alliance Agreement and the begin of worktable with the aim of expand and facilitating the export offer of Mexican companies to the United States as well as in its reciprocal actions for products made in United States

The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce is the only US Chamber of Commerce dedicated exclusively to the Retail sector since his beginnings, is receptive to the generation of strategic alliances between chambers, government agencies and associations, which allow promoting commercial trades between these two organizations. This agreement includes the import and export sector of agri-food retail products also services and equipment are not exempt, according to their directors.

“We are proud to announce and begin our alliance agreement with CANACINTRA across the nationwide, the whole companies that are part of CANACINTRA in Mexico are covering all our expectations of being able to develop product introductions with these innovative suppliers in all the US Supermarkets,” said Julio Ibanez, President of The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce. “We are sharing the same values and passion to creating a support way to all members affiliated with both institutions. We hope that this beginning joins the efforts of many who preceded us, we have a future of great opportunities in the retail agri-food business for the coming years”.

Daniel Esteban Novoa, Executive Vice President of The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce said: “Our Chamber has been faithful to his objectives since his born: “to be the Hispanic voice in the US”. He said that the HRCOC has the strength of youth by the sustained growth since his birth, but also despite our three years of existence we can consider the HRCOC long-lived adding the years of experience of all his executives at the Supermarkets and Retail sector in general. In this way, the HRCOC consolidates, invests and grows continuously across the Nation, sustaining three business divisions with his members: Retail SBG Purchasing Center, Diario Retail and The Hispanic Retail Media TV.

The Alliance Agreement sign between both institutions was at the World Trade Center Miami on the Americas Food & Beverage Show with executives from both organizations were present, CANACINTRA its President Mr. Josè Antonio Centeno Reyes, Jorge Abel Charruf Càceres National Vice President of Foreign Trade and International Affairs and for The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce Mr. Julio Ibanez, President, Mr. Daniel Esteban Novoa Executive Vice President, Nelson Pereira Director of Communications, Mauricio Lobaton Delegate in Mexico and Carlos Bisio Director of FDA Registrations.

The board of directors of both entities, was with a great environment satisfaction, his directors agreed that alliances such as the one formalized are guarantee of focused and coordinated work with common objectives that will result in creating more jobs.

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Mr. Julio Ibanez said that it is a high responsibility and a great opportunity that we will know how to take advantage of so that thousands Mexican small and medium business can have access to the entire retail market in the United States.

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