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9 Espíritus, Kalakas, and TomoRico de la Casa Bring the Authentic Flavor of Mezcal and Innovative Mexican Beverages to U.S. Supermarkets

9 Espíritus and Kalakas, two prominent brands in the world of Mexican spirits, are
delighted to announce their foray into the U.S. supermarket market. With a rich heritage in the production of native chili liqueurs, Mezcal, and Mezcal-based beverages, these brands are commi!ed to providing American consumers with the opportunity to indulge in the authenticity and excellence of Mexican spirits.

9 Espíritus Mezcal is a distillery based in Oaxaca, Mexico, specializing in the production of 100% high-quality maguey Mezcal. 9 Espíritus Mezcal is handcrafted, honoring the age-old traditions of the region.

In addition to their commitment to authenticity, the brand has integrated innovations, such as replacing the classic horse with a tractor in the milling process, ensuring the integrity of the animal and improving the product’s safety. 9 Espíritus Mezcal is distinguished by its smoothness and the rich flavors of 9 different species of maguey.

The brand takes pride in sharing Mexico’s cultural richness through its offerings,
including the Maestros del Arte Popular Edition, featuring labels with designs from 12 master artisans from Oaxaca, honoring their cultural and creative legacy.

KALAKAS®, on the other hand, originated as a brand of native Oaxacan chili liqueurs with a focus on mixology. Their mission is to blend their liqueur with a variety of spirits, from rum and whisky to Mezcal, providing each consumer with the opportunity to create unique signature cocktails.

Grupo Tierra y Espíritu | Huerto los Laureles 121 B Col. Trinidad de las Huertas Kalakas Mezcal focuses on the Espadín Mezcal market, ideal for high-volume and cocktail markets. Here, it partners with its elder sibling, Kalakas Liqueur, to offer a limited edition for discerning palates, featuring an Ancestral Mezcal crafted in clay pots, with a production of fewer than 500 liters per batch.

TomoRico de la Casa is the latest addition to this family of brands, designed to be the
benchmark Mezcal in restaurants and bars for its quality at an accessible price.
With their entry into the U.S. supermarket market, 9 Espíritus Mezcal, Kalakas, and
TomoRico de la Casa aim to bring American consumers closer to the authentic flavor of

These brands distinguish themselves through their commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, becoming irresistible options for spirit enthusiasts seeking exceptional products.

To learn more about 9 Spirits Mezcal, Kalakas and TomoRico de la Casa, and explore their product range, we invite US supermarket buyers to contact their exclusive purchasing center: or visit their B2B platform 

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