Life for your family,
life for the environment,
and new life for our producers

Nekutli is a Mexican company formed in 2002 , to promote  organic agriculture by  incorporating  farmers and indigenous people in marginalized areas of Mexico,  who came together to work under the rules of fair trade and organic farming, beneath a scheme of Social Solidarity Economy which achieves a more equitable income distribution resulting in the reduction of social inequalities to generate education, social welfare and equity in the lower income groups in this country. Nekutli partner organizations represent more than 800 farmers in the state of Jalisco, and 214 indigenous ÑhaÑhu of which 144 of them are women, from the state of Hidalgo. Nekutli represents  an alliance and support network in which each producer can prosper  within independent, democratic and non-discriminatory organizations.

The Nekutli program offers harvesting assistance, social improvements, educational advancement, business counsel, fair prices and higher incomes. Revenues are invested in housing, schools,and health services for farmers and their families. The results are happier lives – through job creation, reduced
migration for family and community stability, a scholarship program, and maintenance of Nhannhus traditions and culture.

As a result of a crisis caused by overproduction of agave, the industry began to seek alternatives to the use of this raw material into products other than Tequila, and  as a result, we  developed patented  biotechnologies to obtain important ingredients: the natural sweetener, organic agave syrup, low in glycemic index (GI)  and a soluble fiber, organic agave Fructans: Metlin and Metlos.  In the year 2000 research and development of new products were started, once this stage was finished, the design and construction of production plants. The first commercial efforts were made in October of 2001.

In 2005 Nekutli initiates biotech research and development to obtain two soluble organic fibers with high purity prebiotic effect using as raw material the Blue Agave, -Agave Tequilana- or Agave Azul. The manufacturing plant was completed in 2008; the same year Nekutli began commercial production. Trademarks of soluble organic fibers of high purity are Metlos® and Metlin®.

Currently Nekutli has developed  20 years of experience  exporting worldwide our ingredients in  bulk.  As part of the strategy for growth and innovation of the company, analyzing new market trends and leveraging the strengths of the group in the production of raw materials, Nekutli focus its efforts on the development of functional foods that nourish our bodies as well as adding health benefits. «Functional foods» are a must for people who know that eating healthier is a way to regain or maintain health. This new line of functional foods under the brand Vivente Functional Tasty Food ® includes the following products: ancient grains cereals, agave syrup,  zero calories sweetener in powder,  food supplements, organic frozen desserts (ice creams), popsicles and spreads.

In order to satisfy the most demanding palate, besides being delicious,all the Vivente products are known for their unique features, such as:  Organic certification, No sugar added, Low-Calorie, Low Glycemic Index, Vegan, Gluten free, Free of Genetically Modified Organisms, Kosher and halal , suitable for the entire family, especially for diabetics. Nekutli’s line of products are enriched with our organic soluble fiber Metlin® and Metlos®, and some others as well with Probiotics, providing a significant amount of soluble fiber as part of the daily intake recommended by health authorities.

In addition Vivente products promote the following health benefits: Weight Control Immune system strength Healthy Digestive Organs Strong Bones.

The company has become part of The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce and the purchasing center Retail SBG.

As a socially responsible and food safety committed company, Nekutli has a large world class technical scientific support that guarantees all the properties and ultimate quality of our products.

The company has developed a large number of scientific evidence validated by Universities and Research Centers with international prestige such as the ones located in Mexico, the Netherlands, India, Poland, United States and Austria.

The value of our company is the result of our innovation, upholding our heritage,
maintaining the highest standards of quality, and our commitment to the meaning
of our brand, Vivente.

With the Vivente line of products, you recuperate and maintain good health. Because healthy eating is important for good health, consume Vivente products! Vivente is the best way to take care of your health today and improve tomorrow!


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