OK Cuban Sazon

OK Cuban Sazon

All the hard work has been done for you.

OK Cuban Sazón is not only good enough to replace and eliminate chef duties, its revolutionized Sofrito as equal in a jar or better than making a Sofrito marinade at home. The aging process adds more flavor through marination but the key was keeping the traditional look and taste of Sofrito with vegetables pieces left intact and cut in normal pieces not mashed or liquified like you'll typically find in products that hide what’s really inside or just mimic this food category because they all use preservatives not like ours, so as we say, eat my sazón OK!

The inspiration behind this product was out of the necessity of wanting a healthier and tastier eating choice for Hispanic food without artificial colors or chemical preservatives. The powders only mimic this old traditional taste of real fresh made Sofrito, The answer was going back in time to an old fashion “Handmade” style Cuban Sofrito that taste so delicious you will never use the powder form again. It’s got the perfect blend of flavors to compliment any protein from fish to chicken or pork even on rice salads or on eggs, make the perfect cream cheese party dip. This authentic Cuban Sofrito can be eaten right from the jar because it’s concentrated vegetables with solid substance not powders or a watered down cooking souse. Our 16oz jar of concentrated flavor can make 8 meals easily because a little goes a long way, typically one spoonful per pound of any meat without complications to enjoy a five star taste.

This is what’s inside our jar, handmade Sofrito!


Where can it be found!

Make the perfect Picadillo by adding ground beef, tomato sauce, olives, raisins and...
Our Cuban Marinade!!!

Picadillo is a traditional Cuban dish that usually consists of ground beef simmered with, tomatoes, raisins, olives, and our marinade. It is often served over rice and can be accompanied by fried plantains or avocado slices.