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About us

Dico Custom LLC is a multinational company, part of the Grupo Mercadeo, specializing in cost-effective retail design, with a team of professionals in various disciplines dedicated to developing profitable business designs and creating WOW shopping experiences for their clients,

We base our designs on adapting retail spaces to the changing consumer buying behaviors, maximizing their commercial spaces profitability,

Since 2005, we have been operating in various markets across the Americas, serving supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants, spas, specialized shops, pet stores, and shoe stores, With a strategically located factory in Colombia, we maintain a balance of cost-effectiveness and production speed.


Our processes begin with an analysis of our customers and their requirements, brand guidelines,


Our architects team, industrial and graphics designer, take our idea from the initial draft to the 3D render and blueprint,


We hare own factory with capabilities to process wood, metal and print, with best technology,