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The Authentic Flavors of Organic Coffee

In the High Mountains of Veracruz, Mexico, the best organic coffee beans are grown. Its cultivation takes place at 1200 meters above sea level, the forest land, the fog, the quality of the water released by the Pico de Orizaba volcano and the organic practices are fundamental factors to achieve the unmatched quality of Fincas del Prado Premium coffee.

Café Fincas del Prado is characterized by being a 100% organic, ecological, natural and sustainable product, it has the certifications that endorse these processes. The characteristics

The main factors to achieve this quality of coffee are based on the fact that their crops take care of the planting land, their processes are free of any chemical material, the field uses organic fertilizers such as natural compost, in addition to the fact that their seeds and fruits are free of genetically manipulated organisms. On the other hand, their crops are grown under shade, that is, the plantations are under trees so that they filter the sun’s rays and the plant has what it needs to produce, therefore, we take advantage of the care of the soil, the trees and we promote communities of birds that live in the trees, obtaining a healthy ecosystem around the coffee plants.

What are the benefits of consuming organic coffee?


In health, organic coffee is a natural antioxidant, because due to its components it is a perfect ally that helps delay cellular aging, as well as helping our

organism to fight against degenerative diseases, since organic coffee concentrates a greater amount of antioxidants and natural vitamins since there are no artificial agents that affect the quality of the fruit.

Organic coffee is an excellent stimulant for neuronal function and reduces the possibility of a cardiovascular attack. It is a natural energizer which reduces the risk of suffering from diabetes or Alzheimer’s. Due to its quality, it optimizes the benefits of its intake, as it preserves its nutrients.

In the environment.

There are multiple benefits of consuming organic coffee, one of the most important is preserving the environment, therefore, health care. Sustainable practices contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The coffee

Organic is key to maintaining tropical rainforests. Its organic processes do not contaminate water or land. Increases biodiversity.


Sustainable Coffee

The places where organic coffee is grown are usually remote communities where cultural wealth and ancestral practices are promoted. These communities benefit because they work on fair marketing processes. Where families are supported in agricultural production, activities such as planting, care and harvesting are usually paid with higher rates than conventional coffee, because the processes to produce organic coffee must be more careful.

Mexico, particularly in the High Mountains of Veracruz, is a leader in the world as one of the main producers and exporters of organic coffee. Café Fincas del Prado has a firm commitment to nature through its crops, a strong alliance with its workers and communities that collaborate together to bring the best of Mexico to the world: a good cup of organic coffee.

Cafe Finas del Prado begins its entry process to the United States from The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce through Purchasing Center SBG Retail. Available for supermarkets

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