Alimentos Empresas Mercados

Enjoying European cheese and dairy products worldwide

For centuries cheese and dairy have been part of our diet and we are still amazed at the unlimited tasteful possibilities. Our love of cheese and dairy has been passed on to us at a young age and, for decades now, we have been making sure that the world has access to excellent cheese and dairy products. We’re proud of that, every day.

Exports of quality cheese and dairy products to more than 70 countries

Due to the passion for cheese and dairy products and broad experience in international sales and distribution, Unilac Holland began as an exporter of Dutch quality-cheeses in 1997, mainly to South America and the Netherlands Antilles. Many other countries quickly found an appreciation for our choice of quality products and our surprisingly flexible logistics. Countries in the Middle East soon followed, as did several countries in Asia, Oceania, Africa, North and Central America.

Today, Unilac Holland has become an internationally valued exporter of European cheese and dairy. We are now active in more than 70 countries.

That might sound like a huge undertaking, but our organization is as fast and flexible as it was when we first started. Every day, we make sure to do everything we can to satisfy the wishes of our customers. At Unilac Holland, ‘service’ still means actual service.
This makes a family business like Unilac Holland a passionate and sustainable partner for all of its international customers and suppliers.

We are happy to share our passion with you!

Flexible Shipments

One container with 50 different items, coming from 5 different EU countries, all correctly labeled and including all required shipment documentation? Does that sound special to you? For us this is business as usual, and one of our biggest unique selling points. Increase rotation, improve expiry dates, improve cash flow and avoid out of stock situations. Maybe a 40ft container is too big so consider a smaller 20ft container. Or we can prepare a few pallets to be shipped by air or truck.

Brands of Unilac Holland


Unilac Holland brings cheese from Europe to the rest of the world, our product lines can be divided under the following brands:

Grand’Or – All the best European cheeses are gathered under our umbrella brand.

Gardeli – 28 different varieties of Gouda cheeses with herbs such as Green Pesto, Truffle, Cumin or Black pepper.

Le Chevre – Goat cheese at its best

The Old Mill – Matured cheese, generation upon generation

Belprado – Proosdij cheese, matured cheese of supreme quality


Learn more about our brands and products on our website.

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