COMCE SUR meets with the Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce


The COMCE SUR meeting with the Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce took place on May 5.
The event was a great success, and many new business opportunities were discussed.
The meeting provided a great opportunity for both established companies and entrepreneurs to meet and network.

Purpose of the meeting

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues related to economic development, entrepreneurship and legislation affecting the local community. COMCE SUR appreciated the opportunity to meet with them and looks forward to continuing to keep the lines of communication open as they strive to address both zonal and national issues. COMCE SUR appreciates that the Hispanic Chamber of Retail Commerce believes in their approach and values their vision for business issues between the two bodies.

Future objectives

The COMCE SUR team recently met with the Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce on May 5, 2023.
It was a great opportunity to discuss a number of issues affecting both COMCE SUR and the Hispanic community.
COMCE SOUTH provided an overview of its goals and objectives for the next two years, presenting COMCE’s commitment to transparency and meaningful engagement with the community.
Both COMCE SUR and HISPANIC RETAIL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE better understood each other’s role in fostering economic prosperity and increasing employment opportunities for the Hispanic population in the COMCE SUR region.

COMCE SUR looks forward to similar meetings in the future where both parties can focus on building strong relationships that benefit all involved.


Other discussions included its newly launched Immigrant Community Empowerment Program, which will invest $150 million in strengthening immigrant-owned businesses in COMCE SOUTH’s six states: Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida.

COMCE SOUTH concluded its conversation with the Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce by highlighting its commitment to fostering opportunities for Hispanic-owned businesses and helping to strengthen the community at large.



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