Lacteos Aurora

Family business, with a clear objective: To offer the best dairy products, reaching the highest quality standards.

Dairy Aurora S.R.L. began its activities in mid-2002 in the city of 9 de Julio, Province of Buenos Aires, at that time the firm’s staff consisted of only two employees and the two owners. At that time, only whole milk in sachets was marketed and it was mainly destined for the local market of the city.

In a short time and with the impetus to generate new products, they added to the portfolio: dough for making mozzarella and cheeses.

Due to the quality of the raw material, the inputs used and the constant improvement of the processes, the commercialization area expands, which generates an increase in the demand for our products.

In November 2009, production began in the new production plant, located on a site near the manufacturing area of ​​the City of 9 de Julio. It is equipped with new technology, equipment and infrastructure that allow us to ensure the quality of the products produced in compliance with all the established standards.

The milk that we use to make the products is obtained from rigorously selected dairy farms located in the West Basin.

Permanent controls are carried out on the raw material received (Chemical Composition of the milk, Somatic Cell Count, Bacteria Count, Inhibitor Detection, etc.) in this way the safety and quality of the products can be guaranteed.

Once the quality of the raw material is assured, another factor that impacts the conservation and uniformity of our products is the quality of the ingredients that we use for their composition, the containers and the packaging that protect and maintain their qualities.

The selection, development and evaluation of our suppliers is a process that ensures this objective.

SENASA (cheese factory)
Dairy Aurora S.R.L. is certified by:

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
National Service of Health and Food Quality

Directorate for the Safety of Products of Animal Origin

All Muzzarella, Tybo, Cremoso, Por Salut and Cheddar cheeses, in all presentations of all brands produced by Lácteos Aurora S.R.L. They are suitable for celiacs.

This means that they do not contain t.a.c.c. (wheat, oats, barley, rye) and therefore can be included in the diet of any celiac person.


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