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Retail and its relationship with customers

Promoting the relationship between brands and customers, boosts the reputation of stores

Elena Rodriguez

Currently in the world consumers are more demanding. Therefore, thanks to technology and innovation there are new ways to buy and acquire products. Retail has been transforming its industry to continue providing customers with an attractive, different and memorable experience for each of its visitors.


Although e-commerce has grown exponentially, supermarkets are still the most relevant. However, the different supermarket networks in the world have decided to offer their customers a combination of physical and digital, managing to satisfy the needs of their customers, allowing seamless purchasing through different distribution channels.
One of the main pillars of the evolution of retail is the intention to improve the interaction between the customer and the brand, in order to consolidate the reputation of the store, achieve user loyalty, enhance sustainable growth and achieve commercial success. .
Brands must take into account that they must enhance various aspects such as: knowing their customers, designing personalized content to adapt their messages, streamlining purchasing processes, evaluating and serving customers.
Every positive experience fosters user loyalty.

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